I'm a Bear, etc.

Hello there all of three people. Im Nicholas, and I no longer work at McDonalds. I enjoy alot of Homestuck, OFF and I also cosplay sometimes? I also like friends and pokemon and bideo james as a whole.


That one girl in art class who always draws anime styled characters and during the anatomy lecture, the teacher is all like:


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Video of the century.

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The dream is over. I lost to m2k. The exact same thing I feared happened, just like in my dreams.


Still, 5th out of like 58 people is pretty cool, wish I had made it to the top 3 though. Ive seriously got to train against some Rosalinas and apparently Sonic. And more importantly, get a good secondary. Pacman, Im lookin at you.

Met so many seriously awesome people and we all traded tips and tricks, and got to see a few familiar faces from previous smash events. Truly worth paying all that money and sitting on the bus forever. I had buckets of fun and even got a few good matches recorded on the big screen, thyell upload them tomorrow I hope so ill just keep those for the memories.

By the way, if youre a competent Rosalina (or sonic) player, Id love to spar with you! Gotta figure her out.

Tournaments are fun, and now I know what to work on. I still believe in the Dedede… Just not against rosalina.

SMASH BROS me Anon replies

Anonymous asked: Luckily, Mew2King isn't as great right now in Smash 4, as he is trying to get used to his main. However, his DHD stands in your way, good luck.

So Ive seen. Ive been watching streams and I know how tough it is. Im hoping that since it IS technically a new game, everyone will be on more or less the same playing field.  Im getting readfy to leave now, i hope I make it to the top 4 so Ill have video evidence via streams that I am a good player. But anything can happen, and Im prone to cracking under pressure.

But DHD is seriously a hassle, projectile based people really fuckle with Dedede’s shuckle. Theres only one person ive ever face that could beat me consistently, and he played Megaman. I just couldnt touch him, and it was sad. I have to learn the secrets of not letting that happen. ESPECIALLY DHD. Its pitiful sometimes. But Im too inexperienced with the Pac to even attempt to play him, as much as I want to be good with him and as good as he is against projectile based people. Hammers are all I know in this world. And Ill crash and burn in his loving embrace.image

 Dedede is perfect, and I want to main perfection.

me SMASH BROS IM HYPE but also nervous


So I came in first place on some small wifi tournament, Its not much but I guess its good for confidence, to have my name immortalized in glorious .PNG format.

Im headed to an actual smash tourney tomorrow, to test my luck. Mew2King is going to be there, so I doubt Ill win, since that alone will bring so many great players to the table. But could you imagine if I did? Id be so hyped. Anyways, Ill be repping the king, so if I lose, Itll be a learning experience.

Ill make you proud, Dedede. Lets get some rest, got a big day ahead of us tomorrow.image

excite I had no idea they made a new album last year fav music


dsp is a national treasure

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