I'm a Bear, etc.

Hello there all of three people. Im Nicholas, and I no longer work at McDonalds. I enjoy alot of Homestuck, OFF and I also cosplay sometimes? I also like friends and pokemon and bideo james as a whole.

spider husband skeleton IT IS TIME doki


we  need to talk buddy„„„„„,ur  way too cute„„„„„,tone it down a bit„„„„„,im tryna sleep but ur cute ness is keeping me awake

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ME skeleton fav music spider husband


「New 3DS」 きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅマホロア+ タランザ

I saw the new trailer for New Nintendo 3DS featuring Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. I really like it a lot. so I decided to draw Magolor and Taranza in similar style of clothes like everyone else in the video get transformed into (+ Taranza’s Kyary Kirby Puppet too) (*^▽^*)

Am I doing this right? (*´・v・)

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skeleton smash bros me Ill win that tournament for the fallen comrades

Just two more days…. Two more days and Ill have it in my hands. Two more days until Smash Bros (in the US).

Just think, there were dozens of people who have certainly died, still excited for it during the lengthy development period. I shed a tear for them, for they will never know such fun ever again. But I will enjoy the game twice as much just for the unlucky ones.